Disney confirms ‘Shang-Chi’ screenings will begin with animated short about history of Communist China

Mickey Mao is Back in Action!

Much controversy is surrounding the upcoming release of Disney’s ‘Shang-Chi Legend of the Five Rings.” As previously noted, there were concerns that the film may not release in China due to growing nationalist sentiment against the foreign movie company. However, it appears that Disney has brokered a deal that will see the movie released in Chinese theaters.

Screenings of Shang-Chi will not be preceded by a 10-minute cartoon short about the history of communist China. The animated feature will star Mickey and Minnie Mouse as they travel through time and learn the history of the Eastern country, eventually meeting with famed Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong. The feature will appear before screenings of the latest Marvel blockbuster in theaters worldwide.

Child-advocacy groups are concerned that this content could indoctrinate Children to harbor pro-communist sentiment, but Disney promises the short will be a light-hearted comedic tale absent of political messaging.

What do you think? Is this short concerning, or just a harmless cartoon?

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