New president of Afghanistan pledges to modernize country’s treatment of homosexuals

It's time for a new Afghanistan

With the Taliban now seizing control of Kabul, the group’s rule over the country of Afghanistan now seems inevitable. Taliban President Ashad Bashir says that the people should not be scared, as he is committed to keeping up with the progressive reforms that have been introduced into the country in recent years.

Afghanistan has historically been a harsh place for homosexual citizens, who are often sentenced to death due to their sexual orientation. But Bashir says that the country’s outdated punishments for homosexuals will be updated. His new regime had pledged to stone gays and lesbians to death using rainbow-colored rocks, to help recognize the modern pride movement.

Civil rights groups around the world appreciate Bashir’s commitment to LGBTQ+ reforms, but say this move doesn’t go far enough. It remains to be seen if the Taliban leader will acknowledge these criticisms as he continues building his new regime.

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